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"Sounds noticeably fresh and well executed to my ears. The band escape being pigeon holed as just another metal band."
          Chris Haywood - Sonically Selective

"Gripping guitar work, and the verses are not accentuated with simple straight lines but riveting ups and downs.  As a listener, you feel captivated..."
          Ryan Merkel - Noise Beneath The Apple

"Vie Jester is far better than your average Los Angeles rock band....Killer drummer, killer bassist, bad-ass guitarist, and a fantastic singer."
          Daniel Balistocky - Revolution 9 Studios

NaMrOk podcast featuring Vie Jester 

Listen in on this in-depth interview hosted by Edgar Hernandez of Pinnacle Recording and Engineering College. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TwzoU8dzFg

Featured are topics about our recent experience recording at Pinnacle, Robin Williams, UFOs and the debut of two new home recorded cover songs of Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" and Vie Jester's very own "Manifest" done acoustically! 

Good Hurt 

Our return to Santa Monica's acclaimed naughty nurse nightclub was a healthy dose of high times.  Only one person had to be hospitalized, and unfortunately for fellow Monrovia hometown headbangers End Of An Age, that person was their lead vocalist.  Appendicitis is a hell of a drug, and Stephen Brewster almost O.D.'d on it.  But as they say "the show must go on", and EoaA destroyed the venue with a savage instrumental display of technique and creativity.  They were a tough act to follow, but we were way too amped about opening with our new track "Hollow Graffiti" to be distracted.  Although still in it's infancy, the song seemed to have left  an impression with friends and fans who were still buzzing and sending us positive feedback about it after the set.  Be on the look out for this one, it's gonna be our "Enter Sandman".  And by that I mean all of our old fans will hate us for it but buy it anyway because it fucking rocks haha!  Following our set in a pleasantly unexpected appearance was a blues punk funk rock band (a genre also known as bluep-fun-kock) called Round 12.  These guys replaced Scarlet Canary last minute and played a uniquely fun and entertaining set.  Side note: I don't think any of them have grown pubes...  So special thanks to guest bassist Jaime Salas who once again owned our bass lines on short notice.  We hope he may grace us with his 'psycho latino saneness' in the future.  Until then, don't forget to tip your naughty nurses.  You might just get a double dose...

Dragonfly Hollywood  

Last week was our first time playing at a well hidden gem of a club venue called The Dragonfly on Santa Monica in The Wood.  Outside there were no lights or flashy signs but just a rumbling brick wall and a big cuddly conspiracy theorist bouncer named Bear standing in front to indicate that heavy rockin' was taking place inside.  We shared the impressively sized stage with some old pals like Sketch Orchestra who seem to get groovier and mustachier with every performance, and 100 Onces who are undeniably the heaviest two-piece metal band in the known shredosphere.  An exciting experience was jamming with MAL for the first time.  These guys really rock out with their sock out and are some cool mofos!  So thanks go to everyone who came out as well as Matthew Dennis who organized the event and is doing the devil's work trying to light the heavy metal torch back under L.A.'s dance poppin' ass.  The flame has been lit, let's burn out that shit!


The show this past Saturday in San Clemente turned out to be an amazing experience and worthwhile trek!  Although Knucklehead's is on the outskirts of the O.C., its prime location just off the beach makes it the spot to be.  "The Swamp" is what they call their stage because within minutes of performing all the heat from the stage lights and bodies collects into the drum pit section of the stage and causes instantaneous swamp ass.  But that was only the second best part of the show.  The first was the awesome crowd and crew at this place that readily accepts heavy and classic rock style music.  After our performance, the owner gave us his personal shake of approval and it looks like we will be back very soon to expand the VJ family.  Thank you City of Orange, the juice has been worth squeeze.


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